General Dentistry

Here why you should floss regularly

4 Reasons Why You Should Join the 41% of Americans Who Floss Regularly

Why You Should Floss Regularly Most patients are good at brushing their teeth. They brush in the morning after breakfast to help ensure fresh breath for the day. And they ...
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You can prevent tooth decay

Does Snacking Really Cause Tooth Decay? 5 Facts You Need To Know

Understanding Snacking’s Role in Tooth Decay Tooth decay is a major concern. It can make your teeth sensitive and unsightly—and it eventually leads to tooth loss, gum disease, and other ...
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Clenching and grinding teeth

5 Reasons You Clench and Grind Your Teeth and What to Do About It

Understanding why you clench and grind your teeth can help you find solutions. Keeping your teeth and jaws healthy is all about prevention and comprehensive care. This doesn’t just mean ...
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MASC is a 5-star dentist in Friendship Heights

Looking for a 5-Star Dentist with a Stellar Reputation in Friendship Heights, DC?

You need to know that your and your family’s dental care is being handled by a dentist you can trust. When you need a 5-star dentist in Friendship Heights, DC, ...
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MASC is the best dentist in Friendship Heights DC

At MASC Dental Studio, We’re Dedicated to Your Comfort. Here’s How.

Quality Dentist, Quality Care Are you trying to find a dentist in the DC area who can fulfill your unique needs? MASC Dental Studio could be just what you’re looking ...
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