General Dentistry

A Patient-Centered Approach

What To Expect at Your First Visit

You can rely on the team at MASC Dental Studio to take care of all your general dental needs. Our team is committed to your comfort, and our patient-centered approach means we always prioritize your needs and goals.

At your first visit, we will do a comprehensive dental and periodontal evaluation to assess the current health of your teeth and gums. This helps us to understand any oral health issues you may have. We will take full mouth X-rays to check for oral health issues undetectable to the naked eye. At your visit, you’ll also receive a professional dental cleaning and a pre-cancer and oral cancer screening.

We suggest patients visit us every six months for routine evaluations and professional cleanings to maintain optimal oral health. Prevention is the key to a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Helping You Maintain a Natural Smile

Tooth-colored fillings are made of composite resin. They are specifically designed to blend in beautifully with your natural teeth, keeping your smile flawless—no more unsightly fillings and no need to feel self-conscious. No one will notice your natural-looking, tooth-colored fillings; only you will know they are there!

Fillings are a frequent service we provide at MASC Dental Studio. No fillings last forever, but tooth-colored fillings are very durable, often lasting many years if looked after appropriately.

I have seen Dr. Enjati for the last couple of years for regular cleaning and replacing a crown. I only have very positive comments about my interactions and experience with him and his team: professional, courteous, available, and caring. My wife and young child are also very positive about going to Dr. Enjati's dental studio. I strongly recommend, especially for families.


Our general dental services help you


Prevent major
dental problems


Spot early
signs of decay


Keep your teeth


Dental Crowns

Using the Latest Technology for Your Comfort

Dental crowns are used to restore decayed and damaged teeth. At MASC Dental Studio, we use porcelain and zirconia crowns. These materials provide a natural look and are aesthetically more pleasing than metal crowns. Our patients love these materials because they blend in beautifully with their natural smiles.

We use the latest in digital scanning technology. Our iTero Element 5D imaging system enables us to take faster, more accurate images. It’s more comfortable for our patients too. This rapid dental-imaging tool allows us to take precise digital impressions, which means your crowns will fit perfectly.

Periodontal Therapy

Keeping Your Gums Healthy

It’s important to take care of not only your teeth but also your gums. If you’re experiencing redness, swelling, tenderness, or bleeding of the gums, you may have gum disease. Other symptoms can include gum recession, persistent bad breath, and a frequent bad taste. Some medications can affect your gums, but gum issues often stem from poor oral hygiene and smoking.

We’ll check your gums as part of your routine dental evaluations, and periodontal therapy can treat any identified gum problems. Periodontal treatments may also include:

  • Fluoride treatment to help make the teeth more resistant to decay
  • Scaling and root planing to remove bacteria and rough spots and reduce those hard-to-clean places where bacteria can reach
  • Gum contouring (gingivoplasty) to improve look and health


Gentle Removal of Teeth When Necessary

We only extract natural teeth if they are severely damaged and cannot be repaired. If a tooth or multiple teeth are no longer serving you well, your dentist may recommend an extraction. MASC Dental Studio takes great care with extractions, making the patient as comfortable as possible. We’ll explain what is happening through every part of the process and give you a local anesthetic so you won’t experience any discomfort.

Our expert team will provide you with post-extraction instructions so you can heal well. We can also provide replacements for the missing teeth when your mouth is healed enough to start restoring your smile. Remember, the best way to avoid extractions is to maintain your oral health and prevent major dental problems. This is why we recommend twice-yearly preventive checkups.

Oral Cancer Screening

Early detection is key.

You won’t experience any discomfort with an oral cancer screening. Your dentist will do the screening as part of your regular dental evaluation. This is a fast, easy process, but it is one that could save your life if pre-cancerous cells are detected early.

It is a visual assessment. Your dentist will look for changes in soft tissues, and if they find something unusual, you will be sent for further testing. Early detection of oral cancer can significantly improve your prognosis and help avoid complex treatment.

Recent Smile Transformations

Check out these amazing before and after photos.

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Bruxism Solutions

Stop teeth grinding in its tracks.

Bruxism is the official term for teeth grinding. It is a common issue that can affect a patient’s physical health and well-being. Signs you may be grinding your teeth include sensitivity to hot and cold foods, worn or chipped teeth, broken fillings or crowns, headaches, and pain around the jaw and mouth.

At MASC Dental Studio, we can stop teeth grinding in its tracks by customizing a nightguard to protect your teeth. Invisalign is another option that can help correct your bite. If you think you may be grinding your teeth, discuss your symptoms with Dr. Enjati, and he will perform an evaluation to see if Invisalign is an option for you.


Expert Dental Care in Washington, D.C.

Why do thousands of patients trust Dr. Enjati?

Dr. Enjati has received advanced certifications in implant dentistry and Invisalign technology. He has also completed a range of additional continuing education courses, including All-on-4 implant-supported dentures, innovation in dental implant design, and anterior implant aesthetics.  

Blessed with a talent to provide high-quality dentistry, Dr. Enjati is a dedicated dental professional with decades of experience. He not only cares for his patients, but he treats them like family. MASC Dental Studio also works closely with an expert team of specialists, including oral surgeons, periodontists, and endodontists, so that patients have access to the best possible care.


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